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Thanks for visiting my site. I have loaded some visuals of my work and am happy to provide more detail or quote on your concepts and projects.


what can I offer?

fantastic costume solutions tailored to your brief.

I am passionate about the creative industry I work in. I'm experienced in several areas of design, product and fashion manufacture. My passion for colour and textile is applied sensitively, with script and character empathy. Whether it's a film, fantasy tv series, a tv commercial, tv drama, historical docudrama. I can help realise your vision.

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work so far


1995 - 2020

Costume Designer

•    The Tender Trap - 90 minute feature film Greenstone TV - Director Sima Urale, DOP Alun Bollinger - 2019

•    Only Cloud Knows - 132 minute feature film Mayla Media/Curious Films - NZ Costume Stylist - Director Feng Xiaogang - 2019

•    Falling Inn Love - 98 minute feature film - Ground Control Films Ltd/Marvista Entertainment – Netflix, Director Roger Kumble - 2019

•    The Dead Lands - The Sacrifice of Innocence Season 1, 8 Episodes - Randolph TDL Ltd – TV Series AMC Shudder 

Directors Peter Meteherangi Tikao Burger & Michael Hurst - 2018

•    The Other Side of Heaven 2 – Feature Film, KoliPoki Pictures, Fiji Islands, Director Mitch Davis - 2018

•    Murder Is Forever - James Patterson – TV Series, Stephen David Entertainment, Director Colin Teague - 2017

•    Roman Empire 2, Master of Rome - Stephen David Entertainment, TV Series, Netflix, Director John Ealer - 2017

•    American Playboy - The Hugh Hefner Story, Stephen David Entertainment, Director Richard Lopez - 2016

•    Filthy Rich 2 - Filthy Productions Ltd, Directors Michael Hurst, Chris Dudman, Oliver Driver - 2016/2017

•    Roman Empire 1, Reign of Blood - Stephen David Entertainment, TV Series, Director Richard Lopez - 2015/2016

•    Filthy Rich 1, Filthy Productions - TV Series - TV2, Directors Peter Burger, Oliver Driver, Michael Duignan - 2015

•    Treasure Island Kids, Daybreak Pacific/Aria Films, Director Michael Hurst - 2004

•    Cave In, Daybreak Pacific Ltd, Director Rex Piano - 2003

•    Terror Peak, Daybreak Pacific, Director Dale G Bradley - 2002

•    Street Legal series 2 & 3,  Screenworks TVNZ, Director Chris Bailey - 2000-2002

•    Shortland Street, South Pacific Pictures - Series 2-6 TVNZ,  Directors various - 1995-2000

2010 - 2020

Costume Stylist - TV Commercials

  • Trademe - Motors and Gallery - Clemenger BBDO/Good Oil Films - Director Dave Wood 2019

  • Part Time Rangers Shark Watch - Pitch Black Partners/Reel Factory - Director Sam Deane 2019

  • AA Insurance - Live a Little Freer "Dinosaur vs Unicorn" & "Reverse" - Good Oil Films, Director Adam Gunser, 2019

  • ASB - All Blacks - Finch, Director Abigail Greenwood, 2019

  • KFC - Oglivy/Film 360 inc Tomayo & Travelator. Director Tom Spark, 2018

  • Home Goods series of USA TVC's, The Sweet Shop, Director Mark Albiston, 2018

  • Bud Knight Pep Talk, Tapping and Bud Knight series for USA Super Bowl, O Positive -Director Jim Jenkins 2018

  • Kiwi Plates, Thick as Thieves, Director Sean Wallace 2017

  • MasterCard USA, Miles Make Memories Director Ben Quinn: 2017 

  • Suntory Craft Select, TUTU Company, Director Genki Ito: 2016

  • McDonald's Create Your Taste, Robbers Dog Film Co, Director Adam Stevens: 2016

  • Costume Co-Ord/Buyer - Samsung-Ruskin Film Ltd, CDes Barbara Darragh, Director Nathan Price, 2014

  • Toyota Hilux, Thick as Thieves - Director Alex Sutherland, 2014

  • Dettol 'Glen 20' - The Sweet Shop, Director Mark Levers, 2014

  • Costume Co-Ord/Buyer - Jim Beam-Ruskin Film Ltd, CDes Bob Buck, Director Nathan Price, 2013

  • Treasures-Plaza Film Ltd, Director David Wood, 2013

  • Vodafone Christmas-Flying Fish Ltd, Director Greg Page, 2013

  • Jetstar for Map Productions, Creative Director Ted Horton, 2013

  • Cadbury Dreams for Thick as Thieves, Director Zoe McIntosh 2013

  • Costume Buyer-Sony Bravia. 1900's/contemporary. Exit Films, Dir Garth Davies, 2013

  • Costume Buyer-Nissin Globalisation, 'Survive' - Large scale military uniforms 300 extras. Line Production, Film Construction, Director Akira Nagai, 2013 

  • Tui Gnomes 'Distraction' and 'Sneak' - The Sweet Shop, Director Stuart McDonald, 2012

2009 - 2017

Costume Buyer

  • Mortal Engines - Media Rights Capital (MRC), Universal Pictures, WingNut Films - 2017

  • The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), New Line Cinema, WingNut Films - 2012

  • Avalon High, Jaffe/Braunstein Films, Disney - 2010

  • Spartacus - War of The Damned, Starz 2012

  • Spartacus Vengeance, Starz 2011

  • Spartacus - Gods of the Arena, Starz 2010

  • Spartacus - Blood and Sand​ , Starz 2009

design work

costume design, fashion styling and buying.

I am experienced in a wide variety of projects. Television drama and commercials, film, theatre. I am widely connected in the supplier industry both here and offshore. I can work on small, one person projects or manage a team of many. I'm calm under pressure, flexible to change and can stick to your bottom line.

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Waka & Mehe
historical docuseries
American Playboy - The Hugh Hefner Story
local glam tv drama series
Sparrow by Welby Ings
Roman Empire 1
ancient historical docuseries
Cleopatra - Roman Empire Series
Cleopatra & Caesar
Caligula the Mad Emperor
Murder Is Forever
Creative Catwalk
Murder Is Forever
Murder Is Forever
USA Crime Drama series
Murder Is Forever
TVC - Mastercard
Buyer on large scale TVC
Part Time Rangers Shark Watch still
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Only Cloud Knows.jpg


What I Do


Script/Character Analysis

collaborative technique

I break down scripts, listen to your ideas, suggest some of my own, discuss and trial character concepts.

Conceptual Design Approach


Colour palettes, mood boards, research, sourcing, make, fit, alter, distress/age

Manufacturing Savvy

solutions focussed

I know how and where to find it and if it can't be readily sourced, we can make it.

Complete management of digital rendering


Mood Boards

Bud Knight King

Vector based spec sheets for design manufacture

Concepts/mock up's/swatches


Let's Connect

Auckland, New Zealand



Loving Falling Inn Love!

September 6, 2019

Ceramic wedge 2014 D&G runway Sicilian craftsmanship at their finest

April 7, 2019

and again! NZTV Craft Awards finalist November 1, 2018

November 19, 2018

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Auckland, New Zealand